Explore our one-of-the-kind, lightweight, and high quality jewelry.Explore our one-of-the-kind, lightweight, and high quality jewelry.

Explore our one-of-the-kind, lightweight, and high quality jewelry.

The Purple CoveThe Purple Cove
The Purple Cove

The Purple Cove

The Purple Cove is a small handmade jewelry store. Each piece has been exquisitely created with lots of care. I want you to experience color in a new way to help you be YOU! Designed to be worn for a whole day even going into night time! They are very lightweight.

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Hi! My name is Esther and I am the creator of ThePurpleCove. I LOVE purple, hence my name and Cove? well, I imagine my store being like a treasure trove. I have been working with Polymer Clay since the 90's with a few leap years in between. You know, life happened! But, I have been working full time for the past 10 years. I love this medium because it allows me to create jewelry in so many colors and shapes! I was born in Mexico City, so much of my colors come from my soul. I work in small batches, and each one takes me between 10-15 hours of work. All The "canes" or pictures are made by hand and from scratch! I am sure you will find the perfect piece for YOU!


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For US orders, we ship every two weeks within the US. But, we can ship from Canada to the US too. We Ship everywhere globally and throughout through Canada Post.
Artistic EleganceArtistic Elegance

Artistic Elegance


Thank you for visiting ThePurpleCove, we hope you had a wonderful experience! See you soon!
Esther Schmidt
1825 Purcell Way North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H4
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